The RGP website was last redesigned in 2013, and in that time the company has undergone a tremendous amount of growth worldwide. Since then, the design has not evolved; only content has been updated. Throughout that time, the site had been managed with very limited resources. In addition, RGP wanted a website that would coincide with the launch of its new brand. The design patterns were outdated and not immediately impressionable.

In addition, the previous site was extremely hard to navigate and did not have an intuitive site map. Aside from causing immense frustration, the previous website theming did not create trust in RGP among new users.

Finally, the organization wanted to invest in a website content management (CMS) platform that RGP would be able to rely on in the future as the company continues to undergo growth around the world.

RGP hired Yes& to revamp and address all point points about their dated website. I specifically played a role early in the project delivering and presenting to the RGP board of directors competitive analysis, in addition to working with our core web and UX team to develop user journeys and site structure. I also created responsive first wireframes that were used early in the development process to establish the basic structure of a page before the visual design process. In tandem with Yes&’s Director of UX/UI we used the client’s re-branded guidelines to translate the brand’s visual assets (logo, colors, fonts, pictures) into a digital format creating a completely new look for the RGP website.