City Challange

My responsibilities at Isopure extended to field-level marketing, included sourcing events that provided exposure to key customer demographics. I developed brand presentations for events that drove brand growth, and attended these functions to manage outreach and customer service efforts. My art direction also ensured that event participation translated into marketing and social media opportunities that featured sponsored athletes promoting the product. I directed and designed the branding for the event and worked with the Isopure team to create a social media strategy to maximize engagement.

On May 16, 2015, Isopure partnered with Men’s Fitness magazine to host the first Men’s Fitness City Challenge Obstacle Race, in Jersey City, N.J. For Isopure, the event provided a perfect opportunity to enhance brand exposure in the New York City market and to the magazine’s readership. Plus, having the New York City skyline as a photographic backdrop always makes for great images!

But this was no mere photo op. Athletes were tasked with conquering a course that featured 26 different obstacles, from climbing cargo nets to performing bear crawls. I worked to promote Isopure’s product at the sponsor village, where participants mingled with Isopure’s sponsored athlete, Rafique, and were given gift bags that included samples of the company’s “Zero Carb” protein powder.

Throughout the day, I handed out samples of Isopure’s “Cocotein” drink (coconut water + whey protein isolate) and chatted up participants to generate buzz and spread product awareness. More than 2,500 participants followed Isopure on social media and uploaded a picture of themselves using certain event-specific hashtags in order to receive a full-sized product sample. These hashtags received over 40,500 social media impressions from the day’s uploads. Men’s Fitness supported the Isopure activation with an Instagram post that reached more than 17,000 users.